Procedures and Specifications

Authority To Work Procedure
Barricade and Safety Signage Specification
Confined Space Specification
Conveyor Operations Specification
Cultural Heritage Procedure - Processing A Find
Earthing and Lightning Specification
Electrical Inspection and Testing Requirements Specification
Electrical Installation Specification
Falling Objects Specification
Fitness for Work Specification
Grid Mesh Flooring and Handrail Removal Specification
Hazardous Chemical Specification
Hazardous Manual Task Specification
Heat Stress Specification
Hot Work Specification
HSE Audits Inspections Interactions and Reports Specification
HSE Communications and Consultation Specification
HSE Contractor Management Specification
Incident and Corrective Action Reporting Specification
Induction & Onboarding Specification
Isolation of Plant and Equipment Specification
Lifting and Cranage Specification (2)
Mechanical - General Specification
Penetration and Excavation Specification
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Specification
Protective Treatment Specification
Remote and Isolated Work Specification
Safe Use of Grinders Specification
Safe Working at Height Specification
Scaffolding Specification
Steel Erection Specification
Terminal Handbook Specification
Traffic Management Specification
Verification of Competency Procedure
Working and Operating Plant Near Electricity Specification
Working Near or Adjacent to a Body of Water Specification