Wiggins Island Coal Export Terminal (WICET) strives to achieve Zero Harm.

Our aim is to have zero incidents that harm people, or put the community within which we operate, or our terminal at risk.

Our health and safety principles include:

  • Integrate health and safety management into all aspects of our work and decision making as a core requirement;
  • Consider the life cycle of our terminal from design, construction and commissioning, through to operations; and
  • Manage risk by implementing programs to identify, assess, monitor and control hazards.

To achieve our health and safety goals and objectives, WICET will:

  • Develop plans for the implementation of our  health, safety, environment and community (HSEC) policy including the personnel, equipment and training requirements before starting activities;
  • Set HSEC targets, allocate appropriate resources to achieve those targets, and undertake regular reporting and review of their performance;
  • Pursue performance improvement including annual reviews of HSEC plans; and
  • Consult with workers and other persons who have a workplace health and safety duty.

View Health, Safety, Environment and Community Policy. (Click here)

WICET is a member of the Gladstone Mutual Aid Group, consisting of representatives from several heavy industrial sites in Gladstone.  The group meets on a quarterly basis, focusing on infrastructure protection and emergency preparedness / response.  

WICET also participates in Marine Safety Queensland’s Safety Forum, a monthly meeting chaired by the Regional Harbour Master, and attended by all proponents of the Gladstone Harbour.