WICET hosts the 2015 AICD Outback Forum

Each year, the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) holds an Outback Forum which provides their members with the opportunity to visit unique industries operating in the outback or across regional Australia.  The Outback Forum forms part of the Institute’s continuing professional development requirements where members are able to accrue Director Professional Development units which go toward their educational attainment as company directors.

This year, the Outback Forum was held in Gladstone, with Wiggins Island Coal Export Terminal (WICET) co-hosting the event on site on Friday, 16 October.  Major event sponsors included Alliance Airlines, Grant Thornton, Morgans and Ashurst.

An almost 100 strong contingent of company directors and their colleagues visited which gave them a chance to see firsthand what Queensland’s newest coal export facility is all about.

Whilst on site, the delegation visited the rail receival facility, the stockyard, the marine area and the Central Control Room.  At the end of the tour, the groups converged at The Grand Hotel for three industry presentations over lunch by:

  1. WICET CEO Marcus McAuliffe on WICET … the success story
  2. Gladstone Ports Corporation CEO Craig Doyle on Growing a Sustainable Business
  3. Morgans Director Roger Leaning re The Future of Coal – Investing trends

After lunch, the delegation visited East Shores–Gladstone Coal Exporters Maritime Precinct, a $35 million community investment funded by WICET to develop a world class recreational waterfront park in partnership with Gladstone Ports Corporation who contributed the site and a further $7million.

By all accounts, the day was a great success, with everything going like clockwork.  Overwhelming feedback from our visitors was how impressed they were with the WICET team and with the infrastructure itself. Not only was the Terminal state-of-the-art, but the passion, pride and sense of ownership exhibited by the team made the trip to Gladstone a truly unique educational experience.

WICET wins Clean Air Achievement Award, Oct 2015

As testament to its world class environmental management systems, WICET won the 2015 Clean Air Achievement Award at the Clean Air Society of Australia and New Zealand (Queensland Branch) Achievement Awards held on 9 October 2015.

The new coal terminal has been designed to minimise all impacts on its surroundings, while providing flexibility for future capacity increases. A design philosophy which constantly strives to prevent or minimise, rather than to simply mitigate, the impacts of dust and  noise is reflected throughout the site, namely:

  1. WICET is situated downwind from the City of Gladstone under all prevailing strong winds.
  2. Coal trains bypass all residential areas.
  3. The rail receival facility is fully enclosed to minimise noise emissions and uses duplicated negative pressure bag filter systems to prevent dust escape.
  4. The 5.6 km overland conveyor is fitted with a tight overhanging roof to minimise dust escape.
  5. A gantry stacker provides precise placement of coal onto multiple stockpiles, including blending, with minimal dozer use.
  6. The stacker is fitted with telescopic nozzles (incorporating counter-flow misting sprays) which minimise free fall of coal and control dust lift-off.
  7. Underground reclamation tunnels are equipped with vibratory feeders to facilitate coal recovery, and permit further blending, with minimal use of dozers.
  8. All overwater conveyors have roofs, walls (on the upwind side) and floors to prevent dust lift-off in strong winds.
  9. The ship-loader boom is fully enclosed with a roof, walls and floor.
  10. All dust and coal water from the wharf and jetty is transported back to shore via a slurry system and recycled.
  11. A network of intelligent monitoring units around the site continuously analyse air temperature, relative humidity, wind speed and direction, and incorporates state-of-the-art Beta Attenuation Monitor (BAM) technology to continuously dust (PM10 and TSP) levels. This data is seamlessly integrated into the site master control system.
  12. Real-time trend analysis triggers the targeted application of moisture in defined patterns via 51 stockyard water cannons.
  13. In addition, sprayers in all transfer towers apply additional moisture, whenever required.
  14. All belt return units are fitted with belt cleaning equipment which captures coal dust for return to settlement ponds.
  15. Process water is recycled on site.

WICET partners with EQIP Engineering Skills Centre, May 2015

On Tuesday, 19 May 2015, Wiggins Island Coal Export Terminal (WICET) donated to the EQIP Engineering Skills Centre (EQIP) two welding machines and six welding helmets to celebrate their partnership.

As one of Gladstone’s major employers, WICET forged this partnership with EQIP to give the young people of Gladstone that much needed hands-on industry experience highly sought after by today’s employers.

On a weekly basis, EQIP provides local school kids with the opportunity to undergo a day and a half of training to help develop their technical skills and spend a day with local industry to gain a better appreciation of the real world.

Through this partnership, WICET supplied fabrication materials to EQIP which the students made into steel work benches and welding curtain frames for WICET.  The students will also manufacture 23 steel covers for WICET’s pulley inventory, a crucial component of its conveyor systems.

Chief Operating Officer Marcus McAuliffe, who presented the equipment to EQIP, said that WICET is pleased to be able to give something back to the Gladstone community to help young people further develop their technical skills which will stand them in good stead for the future.

Mr McAuliffe thanked Darren Ogden, WICET Operational Readiness Warehouse and Inventory Lead, for championing this community initiative. He also congratulated EQIP Coordinator Derek Horton and Trainer Peter Hammett for the work they are doing to support the success of Gladstone’s next generation.

The training program has been in existence for 11 years now, with placement rate at 93% for the last three years.  Despite the current industry downturn, placement hovers at around 85%.

Although EQIP comes under the government umbrella, it receives no government funding and is instead funded by the Gladstone industry.

Photo: Thangool State School Principal Michael Nielsen (L) with Malcolm McPhan, WICET's General Manager - Project Delivery

Laptops for Learners of Thangool State School, May 2015

In the aftermath of Tropical Cyclone Marcia in February 2015, the Wiggins Island Coal Export Terminal (WICET) team conducted a fundraising activity to benefit a local organisation in the Capricorn Region. This staff initiative raised $900 which WICET matched, bringing the total to $1800.

Thangool State School (TSS) was the nominated recipient, having suffered extensive damage from the storm’s fury which flooded most of the school premises, covering it in mud.

At the school’s request, WICET purchased a replacement trophy cabinet and school supplies. WICET also donated five laptops to replace those destroyed in the storm.

WICET Chief Executive Officer Robert Barnes said that education is the best investment we can give to the children of our community, and I am pleased that WICET is able to provide assistance to Thangool State School at its greatest time of need.

School Principal Michael Nielsen said the school is very grateful to WICET for its generosity in helping with its rebuild and restoration. The school is fortunate to receive the five laptops from WICET so that every interactive whiteboard in each of the classrooms will have a dedicated laptop connected to it. At present, when a teacher needs a laptop, they have to disconnect it off the interactive whiteboard which can present a problem if a teacher has to go away as they have to take the laptop with them.

Michael added that together with the business community and support from across Queensland, people have been generous of their finances and time. This has tremendously boosted the school’s morale which has approximately 18 staff and 123 students, ranging from Prep to Year 6.

The school anticipates completion of the work in mid to late May 2015.



SUNFest, January 2015

This year’s QGC SUNFest Showcase in January 2015 was supported by WICET which gave over 1500 youths in the Gladstone region the opportunity to experience activities and events that were either not normally available to them or offered at subsidised costs, enabling everyone to be involved.



Botanic to Bridge Beneficiary Plaque Presentation, January 2015

Major sponsors of GPC's Botanic to Bridge commemorate investment back into the Gladstone Community, with the 2014 Beneficiary, Gladstone Community Hub.

L-R back row: Craig Doyle, GPC; Cara Hall, Yaralla; Kara Hopson, DeparturePoint; Suzanne Schulte, APLNG; Kylie Williams, GLNG; Rob Hope, Workforce International; Bryce Jones, WICET; Joe Cash, Channel 7 and Roger John, Gladstone Entertainment and Convention Centre

L-R front row: Kyra Bell, Gladstone Observer; Faye McGown, Gladstone News and Beneficiary representatives Tracey Alexander and Michael Campbell from Gladstone Community Linking Agency.



Adopt a Family 2014 

We received a thank you note from one of the families adopted by WICET in its "Adopt a Family 2014" Christmas initiative.



2014 Men’s Health Gladstone: News Weekly 8 November 2014

Gladstone News Weekly is proud to present to you the following feature on Men’s Health. With an admirable line-up of delightful and inspiring local males, we hope their words can encourage others to strive for better health or visit a GP for a checkup that just may save their life. While they are notorious for it and some would say downright stubborn, when it comes to discussing issues regarding health, some males tend to adopt an ostrich pose and stick their heads firmly in the ground.

Thankfully this trend is changing and topics that would once have sent males running for the nearest pub for a slap on the back and a 'you'll be right, mate', are now being discussed in open forums.

The Gladstone region has an economy that relies predominately on an industrial workforce; encouraging our males to better care for their health is something we all should be supporting. We hope you are both motivated and encouraged by their words.
Read our WICET Team's words here.



Photo: WICET document controllers (from left) Rebecca Green and Tabitha Royal handed over $570 to Gladstone and District Wildlife Carers Association Inc carer Rika Passier and vice president Katrina McCann.

WICET workers embrace their inner princess: The Gladstone Observer 7 November 2014

THE princesses at WICET battled it out to be the fairest of them all, for the cause of cute and native animals. WICET document controllers Rebecca Green and Tabitha Royal handed over $570 to Gladstone and District Wildlife Carers Association Inc vice president Katrina McCann and carer Rika Passier.

The donation has since been topped up to $1000.

To raise funds, site staff were invited to "get their sparkle on and embrace their inner princess" by temporarily accessorising their high-vis uniforms and having photos taken and displayed, in the hope of being voted the "fairest of them all".

The voting lines were opened for $1 per vote.

Funds were donated to the GDWCA because they had rescued plovers, snakes and black winged stilts from the worksite.

"It (a rescue) starts from a phone call … and it's all chaos from there," carer Ms Passier said.

"I'll make about five calls to get people sorted then we'll be escorted on to the site," she said.

"Many steps are involved for every animal, and it could be as simple as a crow. Everything gets the love and attention that it needs," she said.

The donation will assist with their carers fund, medical bills, rehabilitation sites and costs for transport, food and training.
The winner of the WICET challenge was His Royal Highness Dane Cartledge.



‘Talk like a Pirate’ Day

To raise funds for much needed childhood cancer support, WICET’s Brisbane and Gladstone teams celebrated ‘Talk like a Pirate’ Day on 19 September with a morning tea, raising a very generous loot of $2,124.95 broken down as follows:

• $1,084.65 – pirates of Gladstone
• $1,040.30 – pirates of Brisbane

Our Chief Financial Officer, Warren Bamford, will get on board this act of piracy by contributing the same total amount to match the team’s extremely generous efforts.


Photo: WICET is among the sponsors of the 2014 Botanic to Bridge.

WICET sponsors Botanic to Bridge

WICET is joining with Gladstone Ports Corporation and other event partners to host the 2014 Botanic to Bridge.

Gladstone's favourite "FunD run" was launched in June with the event set down for Sunday, 17 August.

Not only does this important community event encourage better health and fitness, it also raises funds for charitable causes in the local area.

Major beneficiaries in previous years have included the Mission to Seafarers- ($10,000); Special Olympics Gladstone Region ($10,000), Rosella Park School ($22,000) and Tannum Sands Surf Lifesaving Club ($20,000).

Registrations are now open via



Photo: WICET sponsored the popular Hubbub Sound Playground featuring musical instruments fashioned from recycled materials.

WICET continues support for EcoFest

WICET proudly sponsored EcoFest 2014 – the Gladstone region's celebration of World Environment Day – which was held on Sunday, 1 June.

The festival attracted large crowds with organisers estimating 9,000 visitors took in the festivities at the Toondoon Botanic Gardens. Local industry, business and the community worked together to highlight environmental initiatives, under the banner of “Keeping Our Waterways Healthy”.

WICET sponsored one of several interactive exhibitions being the Hubbub Sound Playground. The popular playground attracted wannabe musicians of all ages who tried their hand at weird and wonderful musical instruments fashioned from recycled materials as diverse as old tyre rims and pool filters.



Photo: WICET was among Variety's key supporters at the event.


WICET supports disadvantaged children

WICET joined other Gladstone businesses and individuals to help raise $47,000 for sick, disadvantaged and special needs children at the 2014 Gladstone Variety Gala Ball. WICET was a gold sponsor of the “Suits and Sequins” event.



Photo: Teacher aide Rikki-Lee Simmons and student, Conner Rashleigh explore the new books.

WICET staff help boost school resources

Special needs children at Rosella Park School celebrated the arrival of several cartons of children’s books during February, which helped stock the school’s new library.

The books, which will help provide a crucial element of the school’s communication program, were donated by WICET staff and their families.

School Principal Kate Russ said the donation of approximately 150 new books was very exciting for the students.

“When we let them know that new library books were on their way, they were so excited waiting for them to arrive!” she said.

“We struggled to unpack them before the children were taking them off the shelves to read.

“We are very grateful to the staff at WICET for their generosity. We had almost fulfilled our brief of building a school library but we lacked one crucial element – books!

WICET staff also donated a Sony stereo system which was a big hit with the senior students, who have already held their first Friday disco, while the company donated two televisions for use in the school library and foyer.

WICET General Manager – Project Delivery - Malcolm McPhan, said following the opening of the school’s new library which WICET helped fund, staff were asked to donate children’s books to help stock the new facility.

“The Rosella Park School library is a favourite community project with our staff and they were thrilled to be able to directly help this wonderful school, its students and families.”




Photo: WICET General Manager – Project Delivery, Malcolm McPhan and Rosella Park School principal Kate Russ officially open the new library.

Photo: The interactive computer desk was an instant hit.

WICET helps makes new library a reality

Christmas was celebrated early at Rosella Park School, which educates the Gladstone region’s special needs children, as the school’s new library was unveiled.

The Rosella Park School P&C worked hard to raise the funds required to convert two classrooms to a bright, new educational space, with WICET donating $20,000 to help fund the fit-out of the new space. The donation, made through WICET’s Community Investment Program, was used to purchase much-needed equipment for the library including computers, books, desks, chairs, whiteboards and a state-of-the-art, interactive computer desk.

Rosella Park School P&C President, Lisa Lowe, said the donation from WICET meant their students will finally have access to a library with a full range of educational facilities, including computers.

“Unfortunately, until now our library comprised limited resources in a storeroom but thanks to the support of the community, including this major donation from WICET, we now have a proper library for our students for the first time,” she said.

“Rosella Park School has a number of students with varying abilities, and the library will greatly assist teachers to consider and cater for each student’s individual needs.”

WICET General Manager – Project Delivery, Malcolm McPhan, said WICET was thrilled to be able to help dramatically upgrade the facilities available to the region’s special needs children.

“WICET is extremely proud to be involved in this project which will help to improve the educational outcomes for students, as well as their overall learning enjoyment,” he said.



Photo: WICET General Manager – Project Delivery, Gerry Randell, teacher Jo-Ann Leeson and Rosella Park School students at the announcement of WICET’s $20,000 funding for the school’s new library.

WICET continues support for Rosella Park School

WICET has continued its support for Rosella Park School, donating $20,000 to help fund the fit-out of the school’s new library.

The donation will go towards purchasing much needed equipment for the library including computers, books, desks, chairs, and whiteboards.

Rosella Park School P&C President, Lisa Lowe, said the donation meant students will finally have access to a library with a full range of educational facilities, including computers.

“Unfortunately, until now our library comprised limited resources in a storeroom, but thanks to the support of the community, including this major donation from WICET, we will soon have a proper library for our students for the first time,” she said.

WICET General Manager – Project Development, Gerry Randell, who is also a School Ambassador, said WICET was thrilled to be able to help provide the students with these facilities, with the project also previously contributing to the construction of the school’s sensory garden.

Rosella Park School educates the Gladstone region’s special needs children. The new library will help teachers cater for students’ individual needs and is due to be opened in mid-October.



Photo: The Chanel College team (L-R) Siobhan Samuelson, Rhiannon Seal, & Lily Wild.

WICET sponsorship rewards student innovation

WICET was a proud sponsor of the Innovation Award category at this year’s Aurecon Bridge Building Competition, which was judged at CQUniversity on Friday 2 August 2013.

Year eight and nine students from eleven schools participated in the event, which this year attracted teams from across Central Queensland, north to Townville and south to Bundaberg.

The event has been running for three years and provides high school students with an insight into a career as an engineer.

The WICET Innovation Award, was presented to a team of year nine students from Chanel College - Siobhan Samuelson, Rhiannon Seal, and Lily Wild.

Judges determined the overall competition winner based on how much weight each bridge design could hold. The team from Emerald Christian College took out the prize, with their construction handling 129.1kg, surpassing the previous record of 69.1kg.



'Boomtown' musical puts Gladstone in the spotlight

WICET is proud to be a sponsor of “Boomtown” - Queensland Music Festival’s (QMF’s) largest production to date, and the largest music theatre production to be undertaken in Gladstone.

Described as “a production so epic, no mere stage can hold it”, and an original script and score, Boomtown tells the story of Gladstone's past, present and future.

What makes the production even more special is that the 300-strong cast – singers and musicians, BMX riders and tug boat operators, to name but a few - are all from Gladstone - Free to the public, this one-of-a-kind, musical stage production features a fire-breathing dragon, floating sculptures and high-vis "zombies".

Boomtown will be held at the Gladstone Marina Park Foreshore from Thursday, 18 July to Sunday, 21 July from 6.30pm each evening.

To learn more visit



Photo: WICET General Manager – Project Development, Gerry Randell (right) announced WICET’s additional funding at a function marking the one-year anniversary of the initiative, with Gladstone Mayor Gail Sellers and Inspector Les Bulluss of Gladstone Police.

WICET continues support for CBD Community Safety Initiative

WICET has extended its financial support for the CBD Community Safety Initiative through an additional donation of $10,000.

WICET is member of the Safety Initiative Committee and a foundation, financial supporter of the project, which is facilitated by Gladstone Regional Council with the support of the Queensland Police Service, local industry, business, government and community representatives.

“WICET is proud to be an ongoing participant in this very worthwhile community initiative,” General Manager – Project Development, Gerry Randell, said.

“It’s been particularly satisfying to see the positive impact the project has had on the safety and public amenity of the Gladstone CBD,” he said.

“While this project has produced positive results, WICET recognises that this important work is currently ongoing and therefore, we have extended our contribution.”



WICET sponsors Hubbub Sound Playground at EcoFest

More than 8,000 people enjoyed EcoFest which was held at the Tondoon Botanical Gardens, Gladstone on Sunday, 2 June.

The festival featured several interactive exhibitions including the WICET Hubbub Sound Playground which involved weird and wonderful musical instruments, many made from recycled materials.

The playground, which was also hugely popular at last year's event, and made a return visit, thanks to WICET; Gladstone Festival and Events; and Hubbub Music.

EcoFest is the Gladstone Region’s opportunity to showcase industry, business and the community working together to highlight environmental initiatives and celebrate successes. 



Photo: WICET General Manager – Project Development, Gerry Randell, and Cultural Heritage Adviser Fiona Vaughan attended the launch of the Clinton State School Yarning Circle Project where they were made welcome by some very excited members of the Ghun Gharn Bills (Little Green Frogs).

WICET presents foundation funding for school project

Clinton State School’s Yarning Circle project, which aims to educate students about Gladstone’s rich Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, is now underway thanks to $20,000 in funding from Wiggins Island Coal Export Terminal (WICET).

WICET has provided foundation funding of $20,000 for the project through its Community Investment Program, with WICET General Manager – Project Development, Gerry Randell, launching the project with Clinton State School principal Reid Thompson.

The project includes construction of a large outdoor pergola with seating for classes. The pergola will feature information plaques detailing the three Aboriginal nations in Gladstone with representatives from each to be consulted as to what information should be included.

They will also be invited to visit the school and use the yarning circle to share stories from the local area, explain some of the local language, and talk about the region’s sacred and ceremonial places.

The project will also incorporate an Aboriginal garden, designed to diversify the education opportunities and help cater for disabled students.



Photo: WICET sponsored the 2013 Gladstone Harbour Festival opening night fireworks display.

Gladstone Harbour Festival

WICET is a proud sponsor of the 2013 Gladstone Harbour Festival, sponsoring the opening night firework display on Sunday, 24 March.

The Gladstone Harbour Festival is one of the largest free community festivals in Australia and is strongly attended by the Gladstone and wider Central Queensland communities.

Originally a one-day event to greet the winners of the Brisbane to Gladstone Yacht Race, the now week-long celebration brings a buzz to the Gladstone region every year. The event showcases the region and the community’s unique lifestyle to over 70,000 visitors each year.



Pyjama Foundation Long Road event

The Pyjama Foundation is a children’s charity dedicated to helping children in foster care, offering a learning-based mentoring program free of charge.

On Sunday, 24 March, Gladstone will be one of ten centres across Queensland and NSW to host community walking events. All funds raised through these events will be retained locally to help fund the program in the region.

WICET is proud to be a sponsor of the Gladstone event. Beyond monetary support, a number of staff will participate in the walking event.




Dad’s Day Out

WICET is supporting Gladstone Area Promotion and Development Limited’s initiative, Dad’s Day Out, on Sunday 28 October 2012, from 10am to 20m, at the Gladstone PCYC. WICET is among the sponsors of the event which aims to provide dads and their children a variety of interactive activities to spend quality time, enjoying and having fun together.



Seedlings donated to assist local environmental projects

WICET has donated thousands of native, Semi Evergreen Vine Thicket seedlings to assist local revegetation and beautification projects.

Undertaken as part of WICET’s environmental commitments, more than 5000 seedlings were propagated and grown with the aim of conserving local genetic plant stock that has adapted to the Gladstone area.
The seedlings were grown at the Toondoon Botanic Gardens, under the supervision of curator, Brent Braddick, using seed and root stock collected at Golding Point during the early stages of the WICET project.
While the seedlings have flourished, there was no suitable location available at the new terminal site. Therefore, other options were investigated with the condition that recipients could not financially benefit from the donation.
Gladstone landscapers and native plant enthusiasts, Jason Younger and Jenny Verne, have taken delivery of approximately 3000 seedlings. They use the seedlings to undertake a number of beautification projects at their 15-acre property including screening, reinforcing an embankment, creating a walking trail around the property and landscaping native display areas.

The balance of the seedlings will be donated to the Gladstone Branch of Conservation Volunteers Australia (CVA). The group has earmarked the plants for several local projects, including the rehabilitation of 900m2 of coastal scrub at Boyne Island Beach.



WICET helps fund sensory garden

Rosella Park School has a new Sensory Garden for the enjoyment and education of Gladstone's special needs children.

WICET was among those industries and businesses who supported the $95,000 initiative, donating more than $11,000 through its Community Investment Program.

WCET General Manager - Project Development, Gerry Randell, who helped officially open the new facility and was inducted as a School Ambassador, said: "WICET is extremely proud to have played a small role in ensuring this worthwhile project became a reality."

"It's a credit to the school, its teachers, parents, students and the wider community that the sensory garden is now being enjoyed by the students at Rosella Park," Mr Randell said.



Clinton State School – Cultural awareness

WICET recently assisted Clinton State School in advancing a key school project aimed at promoting cultural awareness.

Through its Community Investment Program, WICET Funded the installation of a tri-flagpole at the school’s front entrance. The flagpole proudly displays the Australian, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags.

School Principal Reid Thompson said WICET’s contribution had enabled the school community to further the improvement agenda in relation to Indigenous Education.

“The completion of this project will go a long way in promoting cultural awareness and engendering pride in our school,” he said.

WICET General Manager Project Development, Gerry Randell, said funding for the project was a small example of WICET’s commitment to building a legacy for the Gladstone community through contributing to local non-profit community groups and community development initiatives.


“Journey” by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island artist James Ryan was recently acquired by WICET through its Community Investment Program.

WICET support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists

WICET has supported two local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists by acquiring works displayed as part of the NAIDOC Week exhibition held at the Gladstone Art Gallery in July.

Following the successful exhibition, WICET acquired pieces by James Ryan and Belynda Waugh.

Meanwhile, two paintings from a series of four by Belynda Waugh are on display at WICET’s Head Office in Brisbane. Both were painted as part of her “Learn the Lore” Series.


WICET was a proud sponsor of the 2012 Gladstone NAIDOC Week program which celebrated Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultures. This year’s theme was ‘Spirit of the Tent Embassy – 40 Years On’.

WICET’s donation helped bring the celebrations to life and assisted NAIDOC in acknowledging the achievements of our local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community and their culture.

Events included a Flag Raising Ceremony, Youth Sports Day, Trivia Night and an Elders Luncheon, with the finale event being the Friday Family Day at the Gladstone Marina.



WICET was proud to be part of one of Gladstone’s largest community events, EcoFest, when it was held on Sunday 3 June at the Tondoon Botanic Gardens.

WICET sponsored the event and hosted a stand. The virtual fly-over DVD was a popular inclusion as was the kids colouring-in competition and giveaways. The display also included information about project construction, including the latest aerial images; environmental initiatives and the Gladstone-Mt Larcom Road Upgrade.


Gladstone Harbour Festival

The Gladstone Harbour Festival is an annual week-long event, which is one of the largest free community festivals in Australia.

Originally a one day event to greet the winners of the Brisbane to Gladstone Yacht Race, the celebration has been running for over 50 years, and still continues to attract over 70,000 visitors to Gladstone each year. WICET was a proud supporter of this year’s Festival, and as part of its commitment to the Gladstone community were among the sponsors of the opening night fireworks held on Sunday, 1 April.